On the third day of the training, participants learned about the use of modern television technology, how to use converters, how to broadcast large live programs without the use of a mobile studio, via a LiveU transmitter, and the use of cables on recording devices. The training on “HD format training”, which will take place on July 27 in the database “Academy of Mass Media of Tajikistan”, will reveal the nuances of the transition to high-definition broadcasting.
The second part of the training was practical, where participants learned to work on a modern television set, including a modern mobile TV studio, equipped with the best technical equipment, as well as new methods of broadcasting, the use of modern cameras, recording in one case. , editing and broadcasting live programs using mobile TV studio equipment. The training on “Learning HD format” will end on July 30, 2020.
We will recall that 20 people from TV channels are taking part in the training.

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